Vision: As a body of believers we envision being a church in whom God delights. Our church will be made up of transformed people who lead others to be transformed by the grace of Christ.
Our Vision:
1. We envision our church having authentic relationships within the body that result in true accountability with one another.
2. We envision our church effectively ministering to and discipling the family, individually and as a whole.
3. We envision our church adequately training every member in the Word equipping them to minister and train others.
4. We envision our church continuing to grow by reaching the lost, embracing visitors, and connecting them to the church family.
5. We envision our church being an evangelistic mission-sending agency where God's people are sent to Lacombe, the Northshore, North America, and all Nations.
6. We envision our Church being the center of the Community by effectively ministering to the needs of the community.
7. We envision our church body and staff reflecting our multi-ethnic community.
8. We envision our church effectively ministering to every life stage.
9. We envision our church modeling ministry for the Northshore and North America.
10. We envision our church being a reproducing church both here and overseas.

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